Ranjit Makam
Founder & CEO

Ranjit Makam

Physician, public health professional, teacher & health administrator are only some of the roles that Ranjit has played so far. Usually in the habit of recognising a problem and working on it until solved, time has shown he’ll do so even if it means sacrificing his job.

While pursuing his Masters degree from the University of Pittsburgh, he chose to research routine immunization in Nigeria and means to improve its administration and monitoring, ending up with a few solutions that could be implemented with minimal effort. This research of his will soon be published as a book by Lambert.  

In the year 2005, when Ranjit met his now business partner Narotam, he was a practicing physician and they faced a common problem; they found it extremely difficult to find a new place to holiday at every month. To sort this out, they started an online travel portal called ‘Holidaydial’ and brought together about 30 resorts in Karnataka on the same platform. The market wasn’t ready.Having started before the meteoric rise of e-commerce, the usage and understanding of internet wasn’t that strong in India.

At this time he took a break from work to travel and explore India and he was at it for a good 6 months. Being the avid traveller that he is, all he wanted to do was mark-off destinations from his go-to list. Ranjit once visited the Caribbean for a UNDP volunteer program for HIV prevention and treatment and liked it there so much that he decided to take up a part time job. He was soon island-hopping and working in medical universities as a professor as he enjoyed teaching students who were aspiring doctors.

- Founder & CEO, Medpick

Pharmacy Meet and Greet:

Medpick hosted a get together for newly registered pharmacies to get to know more about working with the Medpick network and each other


US-India Startup Forum:

Medpick had the opportunity to present its project in an international forum designed to explore what India and the US have to offer each other when it comes to startups and the unique opportunities and challenges India presents.


White House Health Awareness Campaign:

In an effort to boost health awareness, Medpick held an event at the White House apartments offering free basic health screenings and introducing people to an easy way to meet their medical needs through Medpick.


Jayanthi Gardens Health Awareness Campaign:

Medpick held a health awareness event offering free basic health screenings and introducing people to an easy way to meet their medical needs through Medpick.

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