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45,000.00 INR 2,895,300.00 INR
Version: 2005 system with a complete upgrade with new tube change in 2013 Current tube scan secs: 2013 Tube with less than 100000 scans Operating System: Windows operating system
CT scanner - Aquillion 16
45,000.00 INR 4,825,500.00 INR
Brand Name: Toshiba Aquilion 64  Date of Manufacture: 2005  Software Version: 3.35  Additional Workstation: Yes - Vitrea  Version: 4.1.1 Current tube scan secs: 2017 Tube with 195,386 Scan Seconds Software Options    Cardiac CardiacACMPR Cardiac Patch Cardiac recon dim exp D Pat BW d pat color Fluoroscope multiview MMM SCU PPS...
CT scanner - Aquillion 64
50,000.00 INR 3,215,500.00 INR
Product Name: 2007 Brilliance 16 Air System scan secs : 544,734 Software: V2.3.0 Tube Used: 2009 MRC 600 Tube  Current tube scan secs: 138,715 scan secs
CT scanner - Brilliance 16
15,000.00 INR 964,650.00 INR
Product Name: 2007 Ecolos CRX4 CT scanner  Current Tube: original tube with less than 200,000 slices 
CT scanner - Ecolos 4
CT scanner - Ecolos 4
1,286,200.00 INR
System Type: Lightspeed QX/i Tube install: Wed Jun 23 2010 Tube mAs:  116593141 Tube DOM: July 2005 Software version: 10.5_2.8.2I_H1.3M4 Other Features: Gantry Subsystem (2180482) Console Assembly with O2 Computer (2180551)  CT Compact Power Distribution Unit (PDU) (2133533) Table Assembly (2225283)  
CT scanner - Lightspeed QXi
2,251,900.00 INR
Product Name: 2001 GE Lightspeed Ultra 8 Tube Used: 2014 Tube with less than 30 million mAs MX200 Performix tube 
CT scanner - Lightspeed Ultra 8
40,000.00 INR 2,572,400.00 INR
New Stratton Tube: 12/2015 Tube Scan Seconds: 100544 (1/18/18) Software Level: VB42B Software Option: Cardio Pro Cardio Retro Cal Scoring Care Dose CAP3D VRT_Filter &amp Flymode &amp Editor High-Speed Perfusion Power Tube Cardiac Speed04 Cardio Turbo Recon CAP3D Bone Removal Dicom SR Viewer MR Support Other Features: 2015 Siemens Sensation...
CT scanner - Sensation 16
75,000.00 INR 4,823,250.00 INR
Product Name: 2008 Somatom Sensation 64 Work Stations: 2 plus web space server Tube Count: 411,956 scan secs  Software: Windows 5.1   Version: VB42B Care Vision + Biopsy Mode: CT Fluoro and Interventional mode Colonography: Virtual colonography with stool tagging, polyps lens and panoramic view Perfusion: Perfusion scanning and post...
CT scanner - Sensation 64
120,000.00 INR 7,717,200.00 INR
Product Name: 2006 Philips Acheiva 1.5T MRI Software: R 3.2.5 Gradient: Copley 281+ 8 Channel System Head Coil Knee/foot coil Q body coil SENSE spine coil -C3 SENSE spine coil- C1 II SENSE spine coil SENSE Body coil SENSE Flex M coil SENSE Head/Neck coil-AP Coil Cart and phantoms
MRI Scanner - Acheiva 1.5T
60,000.00 INR 3,858,600.00 INR
Product Name: 2003 Hitachi Aires II Software level: V5.0 R-3 Channels: digital 4 channel – quadrature Gradient strength: 1.5mT/m; slew 30T/m/s Total 11 Coils QD L SPINE M QD L SPINE L< QD L SPINE XL< QD HEAD QD KNEE (Extremity) QD WRIST QD C. SPINE QD SHOULDER JOINT/ NECK...
MRI Scanner - Airis 2
MRI Scanner - Airis 2
100,000.00 INR 6,431,000.00 INR
Product Name: 2005 Hitachi elite  This has 10 coils. Looks excellent shape: QD Body M QD Body L QD Body XL QD Head MA Head QD Knee (Extremity) Single Channel Oval Ring/ Latch CTL Coil QD C. Spine Extremity coil
MRI Scanner - Airis Elite
MRI Scanner - Airis Elite
75,000.00 INR 4,823,250.00 INR
Features of Intera Acheiva 1.5T: The SW is 3.2 level 3, release T The system was upgraded and installed in 2010. The magnet was manufactured in 2002. It is a short bore magnet.  Coils included: wrist torso Multi-channel T L spine CTL coil knee/foot/ankle 8 channel knee coil head coil...
MRI Scanner - Intera Acheiva 1.5T
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