Medical Monitors

85,000.00 INR
Display: Foldable 10.4” colour LED 12-cystal pulse Doppler transducer (Waterproof probes are optional) Large capacity storage space, 8640 hours for fetal trace storage Medical and para-medical can input or, search by patient ID, name and Mobile number FHR Signal quality indicator helps optimize the probe position Event movement makes it easy...
Fetal Monitor with 10.4 screen With Single FHR Probe FINGERT
50,000.00 INR
3.5 inch Color LCD Display Innovative with Dual Water chambers Eco Smart warm up, high efficiency and lower water bills High Reliability High Performance More information – Less information input With Humidifier Real time data SD Card available for Data Storage for 4 GB Data Card Masks: Nasal Masks
AUTO CPAP with Humidifier
75,000.00 INR
Non-invasive Ventilation 2.4 inches Colour LCD display Real Time Pressure and Flow Wave display High Efficiency Humidification Higher motor performance Quieter therapy output Remote data retrieve With Humidifier SD Card available for Data storage for 8GB Data card Masks: Full Face Mask (covers mouth and nose) Provided with Humidifier along...
BIPAP with Spoteneous and Time Mode with Humidifier
70,000.00 INR
Display: OLED AAA size battery with Battery Backup of 24 hrs
Single Channel
75,000.00 INR
Display: OLED AAA size battery with Battery Backup of 24 hrs USB interfacing
Three Channel
125,000.00 INR
Automatic External Defibrillator/ Semi Automatic Defibrillator
210,000.00 INR
Biphasic  DEFIBRILLATOR with ECG, Printer and AED   (Optional: Spo2 @ 
Rs. 15000 NIBP@ Rs.15000  Eco2 @ Rs.45000  Pace Macker @ Rs.35000
100,000.00 INR
110,000.00 INR
Biphasic DEFIBRILLATOR with ECG and Printer
30,000.00 INR
ECG Single Channel with Display & Interpretation
60,000.00 INR
ECG Six Channel Color TFT Display with Touch Screen
40,000.00 INR
ECG Three Channel with Color TFT Display & Interpretation
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