Hair Care

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Bio Hair Grow Shampoo is enriched natural goodness of 9 herbs for hair, making them strong from inside and beautiful outside to keep you looking absolutely gorgeous all day long. It works not only for oily, dry or normal hair but also works for wavy, kinky, straight, fine, thick, medium,...
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Omved Gentle Conditioner All Hair
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Keshohills Ultra Hair Wash 200 ml - The selection of herbs in Keshohills Ultra Hair Wash is based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy to stimulate hair growth while treating dandruff and eliminating flaky, dry, and itchy scalp. Additionally, benefits helps to improve hair texture and shine. - Shikakai...
Keshohills Hair Pack Powder 100g (Pack of 2)
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A healthy blend of Soya Protein and Almond, the VLCC Protein Conditioning Shampoo gently cleanses your hair and provides the required nutrition in the form of protein and vitamins. Soya Oil gets absorbed into the hair cuticles, provides conditioning and anti-breakage benefits to the hair. Almond Oil on the other...
Vlcc Protein Conditioning Shampoo Soya Protein Almond 350 Ml
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Vlcc Nourishing Silky Shine Shampoo 350ml B1g1
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A revolutionary herbal combination of Hibiscus and Coconut provides nourishment to hair root and strengthens hair. Unique minerals of hibiscus flower makes hair healthy & reduces hair fall , while Coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair and provides extra conditioning to leave hair soft and smooth. Hydrolyzed Keratin in...
Vlcc Hair Fall Repair With Hibiscus Shampoo 350ml
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Vlcc Hair Fal Control Shampo 350ml B1g1
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Packed with some of nature's best dandruff busters. Margosa extract controls dandruff and combined with Rosemary oil prevents scalp infection. This shampoo also cleanses the hair and nourishes the scalp, leaving the hair healthy and shiny. Ingredients: Aloevera, Indian Penny Wort, Soap Pods, Fenugreek, and Margosa, extracts, Rosemary oil, Lemongrass...
Vlcc Dandruff Control Shampoo With Rosemary Oil And Menthol 350ml
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Every application of this conditioner helps keep dandruff away while leaving your hair soft, shiny and manageable. Anti bacterial property of Rosemary Oil protects against scalp infection. Mint leaf extracts soothe, condition and gives extra refreshment.Ingredients:Rosemary Oil, Spearmint Oil, Menthol, Polyquaternium 10, Behenyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride,...
Vlcc Dandruff Control Shampoo With Rosemary & Menthol 350ml
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