Facial Kits

250.00 INR
Vlcc Silver Single Facial Kit 40gm
530.00 INR
Vlcc Salon Series Insta Glow Facail Kit
250.00 INR
Vlcc Pearl Fairness Facial Kit Single
250.00 INR
Vlcc Party Glow Facial Kit
250.00 INR
Vlcc Papaya Fruit Facial Kit
70.00 INR
VLCC Insta Glow Bleach makes skin look fairer, radiant and healthy in about 15 minutes. It bleaches facial hair to match the skin tone. Due to release of nascent oxygen this bleach has a unique gas flushing action, which thoroughly cleanses the skin, unclogs the clogged pores.Pre-bleach cream conditions skin...
Vlcc Insta Glow Oxygen Bleach Rich Kit
750.00 INR
Vlcc Insta Glow Facial Kit
250.00 INR
Nourishes & revitalizes for luminous and radiant complexion. The VLCC Gold Radiance Facial with 24 carat pure gold, gives a natural luster and youthful radiance to the skin. It retains moisture in the skin, as well as increases skin flexibility and smoothness.
Vlcc Gold Facial Kit Single
350.00 INR
Diamond ? the precious gem has been traditionally known as a woman?s best friend. VLCC has taken this relation a step further and has designed a complete facial with Diamond Bhasma that fights premature aging of skin and offers an instant glow and polish to the skin. Diamond Bhasma or...
Vlcc Diamond Facial Kit
669.00 INR
Whiteglow Skin Whitening and Brightening range is a technologically advanced formulation that provides triple action on skin - LIGHTENING, WHITENING and BRIGHTENING with the help of rare fruit and proven plant extracts that penetrate deep into the skin to provide enduring action The result, your skin looks fairer, flawless and...
Lotus Whiteglow Fairness Kit
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